Enchanted Rock

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A broken heart and a selfless love once tore two young lovers apart. Twenty-five years later, can love finally win?

Between overzealous security, unstable magic, and a mysterious past, can a mermaid and a half-assed elemental survive and discover the one person who can save Atlantis? Is love even an option with one born in the deep ocean and the other terrified of water?

The Mission: Explore the unknown and discover a viable site for relocating Atlantis…not to fall in love.

A Kitsune shifter on a mission to find his mate. A mermaid whose brutal assault leaves her without her memory. When HIdeo nurses Shiri back to health, he lights a longing in her heart. But when she regains her memory, will her past destroy their fragile love, or will Shiri and Hideo withstand the treacherous tides threatening to tear them apart?