Seven brothers working to hold onto their family’s Montana ranch.

They combine humor and a deep sense of pride and duty as they struggle through life and search for love. 

The Tanner Brothers

A family ranch in trouble. An oldest son with a plan. A woman desperate enough to take his offer…
One severed finger. Two dead women. The only way Brody can protect Sarah is to lie.
Her best friend murdered. Two orphans on the run. Their salvation—an emotionally closed off disabled vet. Is he their last hope or are they his?

Schedule of Tanner Brothers Stories:

Devlin – His Shattered Heart – coming 2024

Ethan – coming 2024

Finn – coming 2025

Grayson – coming 2025

Bear Valley Citizens and their stories

Dealing with his physical scars is easy. The ones inside are a different matter.
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