Seven brothers working to hold onto their family’s Montana ranch.

They combine humor and a deep sense of pride and duty as they struggle through life and search for love. 

The Tanner Brothers

Sharla Wylde His Life Plan
Aiden and Beth - When a stalker threatens her and her daughter, a struggling young mother turns to a sexy cowboy from her past. The ex-Marine unselfishly—or not—offers his protection but includes an intriguing proposal.
Sharla Wylde His Secret Lies
Brody and Sarah - One severed finger. Two dead women. The only way Brody can protect Sarah is to lie.
Sharla Wylde His last hope
Chance and Hope - Her best friend murdered. Two orphans on the run. Their salvation—an emotionally closed off disabled vet. Is he their last hope or are they his?

Schedule of Tanner Brothers Stories:

Devlin – His Shattered Heart – coming 2021

Ethan – coming 2021

Finn – coming 2022

Grayson – coming 2022

Bear Valley Citizens and their stories

His Scarred Soul
Dealing with his physical scars is easy. The ones inside are a different matter.
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