January 2019 – Organizing

It’s a new year and a new me. (Don’t we always say something like that?) We start the new year with resolutions and promises to do things differently. That’s me. Every year. Not happening this year.

This year, I’m making goals.

I’m starting with picking an inspirational word to keep me, for lack of a better word, inspired. JI’ve been tossing out words and trying to decide what would fit me. This year I want to write more, get healthier, stick to my plans, and minimize my belongings (I have too much stuff collected from my parents and my husband – all deceased – plus my own things).

In no particular order, I’ve come up with these: Fearless. Determined. Reborn. Strength. Power. Organize. Clarity. Believe. Awareness. Fortitude. Resilience. Acceptance. Passion.

I have enough for one every month!

We’ll see how it goes, but I’ve decided to start with Organizein January. In an effort to minimize my belongings and create order out of chaos (okay, it’s not that bad), I’ve begun ‘cleaning house’. Today was the garage. I filled the garbage can full. My storage boxes are neatly stacked. Floor is swept. Items are set aside for a garage sale in April (sub-division dates to be announced later). I was rocking and rolling and even the dogs were helping! Sorta…

I’m debating on getting a storage unit or is that cheating? I have boxes of items I want to keep but the only other place is in the attic and it’s a pain in the ‘you-know-what’ to get boxes up there. No significant other to help me drag boxes up there. Time to check the price of storage units or go through every single box… which I really need to do.

It’s a work in progress. I have my office, closet and dressers, kitchen, and anywhere else I think of as the month goes on. Not to mention fitting in my writing.

I plan on organizing my writing and publishing. I have three series going (two more in my head) and a couple of short stories I want to expand on. I’m trying a new planner this year. They usually get used for a month or two then pushed aside but not this year! I think I’ve found the perfect planner (it’s geared to writers) so I have high hopes.

What else can I organize? My movies are done. My old music CDs are done. My books are done. I do have my priorities. Hehehe

I’ll report in February how well I’ve done on Organizing this month and what the new ‘word of the month’ will be. Wish me luck!

Enjoy January! Live life to the fullest! Read, read, read!

Xoxo – Sharla

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