And the winner is…


News from my Author desk: We have a winner! I have to admit it was tough. There were a lot of great ideas to pick from! Between myself and my BFF (we did a drunk call last night) we discussed them all and picked the one we liked the best. Just to be clear – we picked before the drinks began. LOL I also threw the list past some wonderful author friends of mine so I know the alcohol was not the deciding factor. hehehehe

The new shifter town will be called Grim Valley.  I will be getting in touch with Katrina – the winner. Thank you to everyone who submitted a suggestion. They were such wonderful ideas. I’ve even chosen a couple others to add to the other books (with acknowledgement).

News from home: My Halloween was pretty slow. Very slow. Only 6 kids showed up! UGH. Now I have lots of leftover candy. Time to find someone to give it away to. I refuse to eat it all.

On a happy note, Miss Cutie Patootie had her first Halloween. They didn’t trick-or-treat but they did dress her up (a little). Note the hat in the picture below. I bought it when all the Baby Yoda hoopla began (couple of years ago?). Finally got to use it. 🙂

PROMOS: I limited it to one promo this month. I was a bit sidetracked and didn’t have time to investigate any more. Sorry! I hope everyone takes a look and finds something they can download and enjoy. 

That’s about it for this time. Enjoy your weekend regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. Take a few minutes to breathe, relax, and enjoy life.

Find your joy.

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