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    (And I have pictures to prove it). My fifteen-year-old cat, Miss Izzy, is socially hopeless. She’s a curmudgeon. A hermit. A loner. She refuses to associate with me or my other pets. I’ve had her since she was about six months old and I’ve learned to adjust. I’ve never had a problem with any of my other pets being friendly with the others. Only Miss Izzy. BUT over this past weekend, she decided to lay on the chair with me. She even stayed when one of the dogs (Bear) joined us! It didn’t last long, maybe ten minutes, but what a break-through. As long as they didn’t look at each…

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    Getting to know me

    Hello All. Here’s a little bit of fun. Below are some items of interest about me. I’d love it if you’d share some about you in the comments below. Critical Questions: Coffee or Tea? I love coffee. Mixed with lots of cream and flavoring, it is life’s true elixir. But, I need less caffeine in my life so I’m trying to stick with teas. I’m enjoying different flavors—Cinnamon/Apple, Peach Green tea, Blackberry. You get the picture. But I slip and grab a tall caramel mocha latte occasionally. Cats or dogs? Both! I have three dogs and one cat. You’ll see them scattered on my web pages. I love both. The…